This site contains the Ubuntu Dialogue Corpus v1.0.
For the more recent Ubuntu Dialogue Corpus v2.0 (recommended), visit this site.

The Ubuntu Dialogue Corpus v1.0

This site contains the dataset used in:
Ryan Lowe, Nissan Pow, Iulian V. Serban and Joelle Pineau, "The Ubuntu Dialogue Corpus: A Large Dataset for Research in Unstructure Multi-Turn Dialogue Systems", SIGDial 2015.

Raw dialogue files (two-way conversation, no pre-processing):
Ubuntu dialogues (527M)

Files containing the data for the response classification task described in the paper.
Data is split into train/validation/test sets. Each example is a triple: context, response, flag.
Standard (readable) CSV. This is very large, and split into several files to facilitate downloading.
ubuntu_dataset.tgz.aa (954M)
ubuntu_dataset.tgz.ab (954M) (954M) (954M) (690M)
The files can be joined by using the command `cat ubuntu_dataset.tgz.a* | tar xz'

Same files in a single binarized CSV:
Ubuntu blobs (513M)

The Ubuntu blobs are in the format required to train the neural architecture as described in the paper using our code:
Ubuntu neural dialogue model

For further information, contact: Dr. Joelle Pineau